2015 Copa America Viewership on beIN Sport en Español


While we see the daily numbers for the English-language version of beIN Sport, we don’t see the daily or even weekly numbers for beIN Sport en Español*, resulting in a lot of “but what about the numbers for beIN Sport en Español!?” questions. 

Sadly, that situation isn’t likely to change anytime soon, but we were able to dig up the numbers for the 2015 Copa America tournament on beIN Sport en Español and through last Thursday it was averaging 561,000 viewers per match with the Brazil-Colombia Group Stage match drawing the most viewers with 1.034 million.

Here’s the roundup of all the matches through June 25:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.30.15 AM

Update: The Argentina vs Colombia quarterfinal averaged 991,000 viewers on beIN Sport en Español.
*The numbers we see daily are from Nielsen’s national panel, which includes some, but not all of the Spanish-language channels, but Nielsen also has a separate Hispanic panel. Fox chooses (to pay) to have Fox Deportes included in the national panel while ESPN only measures ESPN Deportes in the Hispanic panel, same for beIN Sport en Español. From an advertising sales perspective it’s easy to understand. So how many homes is beIN Sport en Español in? Not very many! The coverage estimates for the Hispanic panel have 4.8 million homes receiving beIN Sport en Español versus the 17.9 million (of which 3.2 million are in Hispanic homes) for beIN Sport in English.


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