2015 Women’s College World Series viewership bettered Men’s College World Series by 31%


In a week where the Twitter-verse is shining a spotlight on women’s sports due to comments tweeted by Sports Illustrated and MMQB writer Andy Benoit, figured it was worth noting that the viewership for this year’s women’s College World Series softball easily eclipsed viewership for the men’s baseball championship.

(if you’re on a mobile phone the table will be more readable if you flip your phone into landscape mode):

Women’s College World Series Viewers Men’s College World Series Viewers
Michigan-Florida Game 1  1,412,000 Vanderbilt-Virginia Game 1  1,234,000
Michigan-Florida Game 2  1,865,000 Vanderbilt-Virginia Game 2  1,332,000
Michigan-Florida Game 3  2,273,000 Vanderbilt-Virginia Game 3  1,665,000
Three-game average  1,850,000  1,410,333


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  1. Love that college ball is getting fantastic ratings. But, softball is not over. The pros are just starting. Tune in to cbs sportsnet every Monday and Tuesday for live npf action. Or find a ballpark near you and support your local team. many senior college players are now pros. Check it out

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