2016 Primetime ratings & viewership for NBC’s Olympics coverage through August 9, 2016


I have been tweeting the primetime viewership numbers for NBC’s coverage of the summer Olympics on its broadcast network, but several people have asked for them so here’s a table through Tuesday, August 9.

If you’re on a mobile phone this will be a lot easier to read if you tilt it to landscape mode:

2016 Olympics NBC PrimetimeNetStartEndHH Rtg/ShrTotal Viewers (000)Viewers Age 18-49 (000)
Friday, August 5NBC8:00 PM11:24 PM13.9/2726,4889,542
Saturday, August 6NBC8:30 PM11:05 PM11.4/2320,6337,503
Sunday, August 7NBC7:00 PM11:48 PM16.1/3029,77911,541
Monday, August 8NBC8:00 PM11:05 PM16.4/2828,86110,920
Tuesday, August 9NBC8:00 PM11:44 PM18.9/3333,44012,624


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