A Ratings Travis-ty? Nobody is watching Fox Sports new gambling show


Leave Clay Travis alone!

Just kidding. Bust Clay’s chops all you want. Clay brought the scorn and derision about LOCK IT IN’s ratings on himself.

I’m not rooting for LOCK IT IN to fail. I was rooting for Clay to be spared the ignominy of low ratings by Fox Sports never rewarding his behavior with a TV job to begin with.

Had Fox not hired Clay I think the show would’ve flown under the radar more or less like FIRST THINGS FIRST. That isn’t an awful thing to happen the first year of a show’s existence.

LOCK IT IN would get a bit more attention regardless as the first gambling-specific show on a national network. But at its current viewership, its numbers wouldn’t have been publicly available and sans Travis I’m not sure how motivated anyone would be to get them into the wild.

The complaints from Travis’ defenders that I shouldn’t even post the numbers because the show is too new are amusing. Did they complain when Clay couldn’t wait to bust on Get Up!’s and High Noon’s ratings?

The viewership numbers are tiny: 41,000 in its Monday debut and 45,000 on Tuesday. But I didn’t see SPEAK FOR YOURSELF’s numbers so how much it’s to blame for LOCK IT IN’s numbers is still a mystery for me.

There may be and probably is a Travis-Whitlock twofer for the Internet haters.


The numbers aren’t Clay’s fault but the scorn, derision and mocking are!

The show’s meager viewership isn’t Travis’ fault. It’s a new show on a still-struggling network, in a not great time slot. And its lead in is probably bad. Plus I don’t think Fox Sports spent anything marketing the show though I didn’t pay attention to if/how it was promoted on Sunday during Fox’s NFL games.

But the scorn, derision and mocking of the viewership numbers? Clay deserves every bit of that. Sure, It sucks for the likes of Cousin Sal, Rachel and everyone behind the scenes. TV jobs don’t grow on trees and people have to eat. So no judgment but when you make that trade sometimes you also have to eat some shit that wasn’t your fault.

Fox Sports execs can probably shrug off the mocking of the numbers more easily than people working directly on the show. But if they can’t there’s an easy solution: get rid of Clay and the focus on the show’s ratings goes away.

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  1. Serious gamblers are not looking for a game show type of show. They want information and serious betting talk. The whole show is a waste. Furman tries his best but the format is a disaster.

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