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We like web publishing and we also like sports on TV. This site is a way to dabble with both. It’s definitely more hobby than job, avocation rather than vocation!

At minimum we plan to regularly post daily cable viewership data for the cable sports networks and a lot more daily info than we’ve seen posted anywhere else. If you’ve seen this much daily cable sports data posted elsewhere, let us know where — we’ll read that and find another hobby!

The daily cable viewership will be posted on the following schedule (which is driven by Nielsen, not us):

  • Friday’s ratings:  Monday afternoons
  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday ratings: Tuesday afternoons
  • Tuesday  ratings: Wednesday afternoons
  • Wednesday ratings: Thursday afternoons
  • Thursday ratings: Friday afternoons

Holidays always throw a wrench into that schedule because Nielsen people get holidays off too, and the generous gods and goddesses of the TV public relations world who provide data love holidays, too.

We’ll post some other stuff too because…everyone needs a hobby.

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  1. I would like some numbers clarified for me that you posted in the link: http://sportstvratings.com/2015-womens-college-world-series-viewership-bettered-mens-college-world-series-by-31/2944/

    Did the 2015 Women’s College World Series have 31% more viewership than the Men’s College World Series overall?

    Or did the Women’s College World Series CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (3 final games) have 31% more viewership than the Men’s Championship Series?

    Please clarify for me if you can.

  2. Hi. You spoke here of reporting on “cable” ratings, yet I saw nothing (did I miss it?) in last Sunday’s (Oct25) ratings for Universal Sports.

    In addition, what about over-the-air sports ratings? I looked for them in the weekend posts (Oct24-25) but (understandable, but disappointing, based on that “cable” mention) didn’t see any.

    Bram Weiser

      1. Thank you for responding to my questions. However, I’d respectfully disagree that, as cited in the “item 2” you pointed me to, people just don’t care, even days later, about weekend ratings for over-the-air telecasts.

        For instance, I want to know how last Saturday’s NBC telecast of the Rugby World Cup did, and, if it means waiting a few days to get a reasonably authoritative figure and comparison, then so be it, but I’d still want to see the answer, please, so I hope you’ll please reconsider that.

        Thanks again,
        Bram Weiser

    1. thanks. If you mean the weekly viewership averages for the sports nets in primetime & total day there’ve been a few weeks where I didn’t get the data, but hopefully will start doing them again (though it’ll probably be hit and miss through New Years).

  3. Hi, first of all – thanks for the information that you provide!!! Is there any specific reason why last weekend’s data are not published yet?

  4. Hi, how comes that there are BeIN Sports en Espanyol Ratings available from last Saturday on? Will this channel be included for the future? Thanks

  5. Curious if Nielsen and/or the subscribing channels have an issue with you running an advertiser-supported site based on data you don’t pay for.

    1. Fair question, B.

      Given the scale of the site (teeny-tiny) and that I don’t do customized reports or offer visitors any ability to run customized reports, and that there’s not really much more data than is available on sites like showbuzzdaily.com (no ads) or tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com (ads, and roughly 100x more traffic) I don’t think Nielsen cares or, frankly, could be bothered to even consider whether it cares.

      I have more direct experience with the networks and that experience is that they don’t care. Or more specifically, that at least the PR departments don’t care. Many send at least some data about their networks and the ones that don’t have been very helpful whenever I’ve made specific requests.

      1. Thanks for the response. I’d respectfully disagree with a couple of your assertions. Scale seems less important to me than the misappropriation of proprietary data – which Nielsen charges millions of dollars to access – for commercial purposes. Also, the “analysis” referenced in the FS1 story on SI.com seems very much customized for use in a post on a commercial site and linking back to your commercial site.

        Honestly, I don’t have a dog in this fight but I’d be very surprised if Nielsen wouldn’t take issue with this on some level.

  6. How do DVR recordings of events affect the numbers? Does my DVR recording a rerun of an event, even though I told it not to record reruns, show up as me viewing that event?

  7. Hello and thank you for the data that you provide, great site!
    I have one question though: will you include the column “episode” again in your data in the future?
    Thanks in advance

      1. Yes indeed, it certainly did!
        Thanks for the quick response and hopefully you’ll get that information again soon.

  8. If I’m trying to determine the total number of viewers of a particular program, can I simply add your viewership numbers together or is it more complicated than that? For example, if there are three airings in a day and the totals are 1MM, 1.2MM and 1.5MM is it fair to say 3.7MM viewers watched the show?

  9. Could you guys go back to publishing the weekly NFL local market tv ratings for each city? They are basically impossible to find now. How did the Rams do in week 3 in L.A.? We would definitely tweet and retweet your numbers through a twitter page with over 19,000 followers and others would like these numbers, too.

  10. Interesting in the year that the #NFL ratings are down AND they move to L.A. (where ratings were an abysmal 12 in week 2), they aren’t wanting the numbers out. Have searched everywhere in L.A. and their are no Rams tv ratings to be found. Please post if you find them!

  11. Hi, I have question regarding the ratings for Tuesday October 25 2016: will you be able to post the data? Thank you very much!

  12. Hi, I have question regarding the cable sports TV ratings for Tuesday October 25: will you be able to post the data? Thank you very much!

  13. Hi there. I’m curious about Live+SD vs Live ratings. I can’t tell if you are reporting any Live+SD at all. I’m not sure how others treat this SD phenomenon either. Are the numbers you report Live+SD? Or are they Live only? From what I can tell, many use these two interchangeably but of course they are not the same thing. Thanks.

  14. Hi there, is there any reason between December 8-December 14th the episode column disappeared for the daily reports? Is there any way to get those episode columns to appear, seems weird that it is missing for a week this month. Thanks!

  15. Hi – Thank you for this site. I read earlier the post about CBS Sports Network and other cable networks. Does this same logic apply to the regular main CBS network too? For example, I was looking at games from 1/21 and noticed Arizona/UCLA MBB wasn’t on there, it was a big game that aired on CBS. Just making sure i’m not missing something. Thanks again.

    1. Paul,

      No. CBS (and the other big broadcast networks) all subscribe to Nielsen measurement but my access to non-primetime broadcast network data is spotty. Showbuzzdaily.com does a really good recap of weekend sports (usually Tuesday mornings) that includes the numbers for broadcast nets. Under “The Sked” menu look for TV Ratings and then “Skedball”

  16. Do you have the ratings for the NHRA live coverage on FOX on Feb. 12, 2017? I appreciate the FS1 numbers, but don’t see the big FOX channel listed. If not, where could I get them?

  17. I am in search of TV viewers for the 1964 Kentucky Derby. Do you have any insight on TV viewership of the Derby in the 1960’s?

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