Answers to some Twitter questions


Although web site posts still automatically feed to Twitter, I’m taking a break from Twitter. Still, it feels rude not to answer questions so even if it’s kind of a cheat here are a few from the last few days.  Richard Deitsch’s podcast today with Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand is a lot more interesting than anything below, but if you’ve already plowed through that and have some time on your hands….

For national cable ratings timezones listed are eastern, but in the case of live sports what that always means is that 9-10p eastern = 8-9p central and 7-8p mountain and 6-7p pacific. In other words, for live telecasts the viewing is correctly captured and calculated regardless of timezones. This is true for metered market overnight ratings, and final national broadcast network ratings too. But it is not true for the fast-national broadcast network ratings that come out at around 11a ET each day, those numbers are not timezone adjusted.

Subscribers only. Ratings for premium channels like HBO & Showtime don’t include promotional “freeview weekend” viewing.

ESPN doesn’t subscribe to the Nielsen service that would measure ESPN Deportes in the national panel. ESPN Deportes is measured in Nielsen’s Hispanic panel, but I don’t see their numbers. Univision Deportes & Fox Deportes do subscribe to be measured in the national panel so I do see their numbers.

I don’t know. The whole purpose of posting the daily cable numbers on this site is so that the curiously motivated can answer these questions on their own. Sometimes I’m also curious and don’t mind looking it up myself. If you’re curious but not curious enough to look it up yourself don’t feel bad. I feel exactly the same way!


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