Bad neighbors & bad landlords


The barking dogs of El Paso, Texas haven’t caused me much strife.

Just dumb luck and a HEPA filter that I’m not sure is any good as an air filter but is great as a white noise machine.

Maybe it’s mostly that I finally gave up on trying to control the rest of the world?

One day I saw someone nearby had named their WiFi router “ShutYourFuckingDogUp” which made me smile. I was vicariously proud of myself that such a thing existed nearby and it *wasn’t* me. I consider that a minor “fake it till you make it” miracle.

And yet.

I’m usually up around 4AM. I usually have my morning coffee in my backyard and stargaze (considering the streetlights it’s not a bad night sky).

The number of times I hear at least a little of the “You have to be fucking kidding me!” choir is much closer to 100% than 50%. Through some kind of grace those dogs are never within a block of me. But they’re right next door to someone. Right next door.

I don’t know if that makes them shitty people but my mind is made up about it making them bad neighbors. Same for the folks who fill their trash bins over the brim when the wind is blowing 30mph. Same for the people who leave their shopping carts in the middle of parking space in a crowded grocery store lot.

Just people being bad neighbors.

You can kind of guess on Twitter who the people are who’d leave their dogs barking outside all night. I try to avoid them.

Jack “Doofus” Dorsey sees himself as a thoughtful man. On one hand the doofus is right: being a bad neighbor is usually not against the law.

But on the other hand Doofus is out there trying to make something that’s not all that subtle (when you are in fact the landlord of the neighborhood) a tricky proposition by asking this question:

Who’s the worse neighbor: the people who let their dogs bark all day or the angry neighbor who responds by naming his router “ShutYourFuckingDogUp”?

…and then answering it with: who’s to say?

We can quibble over whether Jack is a doofus. But my mind is made up that he’s a bad landlord. I consider him a bad neighbor too.

The bad neighbor part is easy to ignore. But I can only avoid the bad landlord part by moving.

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