Barstool before the ratings: Dear PFT & Big Cat



Dear PFT & Big Cat,

The ratings will be what they will be but I’m rooting for them to be good. Not because I’m rooting for you two but because I’m rooting against nonsense in my Twitter mentions.

If the ratings are bad that nonsense will manifest as one of the many variations of “You always hated Barstool!” and/or “You’re obsessed with Barstool!”

I don’t hate Barstool and I definitely don’t hate you two — you two are navigating some pretty tricky waters but from the outside looking in it looks like you two know what you’re doing.

How could I hate that?

What I hate is the hypocrisy of the media and sports media who cover Barstool.

Many people are saying that Dave Portnoy sometimes says indefensible things. Erika Nardini defends him saying those indefensible things. I have no quarrel with that, she’s just doing her job.

What I have a quarrel with is those in media and sports media who hate, hate, hate Kellyanne Conway, but when Erika Nardini runs the same playbook (defending the indefensible) she gets to skate, skate, skate. 

Most people can let that slide. So far, I can’t.

And that’s another reason for me to root for your ratings to be good! If they’re good, that’s more opportunity for me to remind the Kellyanne Conway haters that they are being Erika Nardini skaters.

I know you two will be fine regardless but good luck with Barstool Van Talk.