$40 Knockoff AirPods?

January 1, 2020

Pictured above left to right: ~a pair of 2.5 year old AirPods paired with my phone that I use for day-to-day podcast/audiobook consumption (whose batteries I’m grinding down to uselessness), a pair of 1.5 year old AirPods I’ve paired with the AppleTV that I use as “TV ears,” a pair of 4+ month old AirPods I use for travel & phone calls and rarely use (in order to preserve battery)…


The ESPN Daily Podcast, Greek Mythology & the New York Knicks

December 11, 2019

I really enjoy ESPN’s “ESPN Daily” podcast hosted by Mina Kimes and produced by some kind of cavalcade of all star producers. At 2X playback it’s only around a 10 minute commitment. Frequently I fall behind and binge a few of them at once to squeeze around a half hour of entertainment out of it. There’ve been plenty of topics like hockey dentists that wouldn’t have been anything I’d have…


Jay-Z & Jemele

Every now and then when Richard Deitsch does his “spend $100 million on a fancy new studio while laying 100 people off” thing I shake my fist at the clouds. I find the critique unfair because I don’t believe those things are linked. But I also understand both things happened and the appearances aren’t pretty. Sometimes I wonder how I might have been publicly critiqued for my handling of corporate responsibility the…

August 15, 2019

El Paso, Texas

August 5, 2019

This was originally a very shitty blog about the intersection of sports, politics and El Paso. I tried to remove the sports and politics which was 75% of it. Hopefully it’s less shitty now. People getting shot based on the color of their skin. In 2019. In the United States of America. It’s heartbreaking. I’m a heartbroken white man in El Paso, Tx. I’ve lived here happily for four years….


The Athletic: Hopefully I’m Just Bad At Math

June 17, 2019

I can’t make the situation at The Athletic (and certainly not Alex Mather’s crazy math) make any sense unless I look at it this way: the greater fool theory is definitely in play and the investors are absolutely certain that a greater fool is out there. I wouldn’t bet against them finding a greater fool. I see really solid people whose work I appreciate whether it be Bill Shea in…


Junk Science Charlatans

December 5, 2018

  “My truth” is a baseball bat and I’m in the habit of clubbing people over the head with it. As you might’ve guessed, that’s not a particularly good delivery system for sending messages. Understandably, people are usually way too distracted by the “ouch! stop hitting me on the head with a baseball bat!” to even consider the message.   My challenge is two-fold: 1. come up with a better…


Hypocrisy & sports media: is there any way to keep from getting splashed?

August 28, 2018

  Before the news Michelle Beadle was moving on from Get Up! broke I’d been thinking about something: is there a way to be participate in the sports media landscape, make a principled stand and be pristine? So far I can’t come up with a way that works for me. I’m open to suggestions. I’m not picking on Michelle Beadle or people who make their incomes in sports media. I…


Bad neighbors & bad landlords

August 16, 2018

The barking dogs of El Paso, Texas haven’t caused me much strife. Just dumb luck and a HEPA filter that I’m not sure is any good as an air filter but is great as a white noise machine. Maybe it’s mostly that I finally gave up on trying to control the rest of the world? One day I saw someone nearby had named their WiFi router “ShutYourFuckingDogUp” which made me…