Off topic: Complacency

September 4, 2017

  I’ve been thinking a lot about my own complacency lately. I’m trying to understand it rather than rationalize it but if I’m honest, so far it’s all rationalizing, no understanding. NFL season is about to start. I know full damn well that people bashing their heads together is bad for their brains. But I’ll skip the set up and get straight to the punchline: Fuck that, the NFL is…


Off topic: For the love of AirPods

July 23, 2017

AirPods got stolen. Paid the eBay premium to get another pair by Monday. They’re that indispensable. — Ben Thompson (@benthompson) July 21, 2017   Saw the above tweet from Ben Thompson. I had a bad week where I hated pretty much everything in my life besides this podcast with Richard Deitsch and Eric Jackson. And my AirPods! I can’t say I find them as indispensable as Ben Thompson yet, but…


LeBron James thinks like an owner, not a salaried employee

June 9, 2017

LeBron James’ comments on Tuesday about KD going to the Warriors mostly focused on LeBron thinking it was great for the league and “Look at the ratings!”  I’m not complaining about that focus! But as an off topic aside: the thing that really got my attention is that LeBron already thinks like an owner and not a salaried employee. Some of you will think “big deal!” and if you think…