ICYMI: I’m podcasting now

June 22, 2017

  In late April I announced the demise of the original sportstvratings.com experiment where I was posting daily tables of ratings for all of the measured sports networks. I lost the daily data necessary for the tables so that was pretty much that. But almost immediately after that I decided that I didn’t want to eject from the sports media world entirely. I enjoyed my SportsTVRatings experience immensely, and daily…


Episode 4: Oriana Schwindt (@Schwindter), former TV/Media reporter now exploring Centerville, USA

June 20, 2017

From a TV-loving high-schooler who learned about the TV business on the great old “Television Without Pity” message boards to actually writing about TV at TV Guide Magazine and Variety among others…We covered Oriana’s journey to becoming one of the best TV-ratings reporters out there. There’s a Mark Cuban quote that “Nobody ever quit something they’re good at,” but Oriana was not merely good as a TV ratings reporter, she…


Episode 3: Jonathan Tannenwald, Philadelphia Inquirer/Philly.com – @TheGoalKeeper/@JTannenwald

June 13, 2017

After knowing Jonathan on social media for a couple of years it was a lot of fun to finally get to talk with him. We covered how he got into sports journalism, what he’s up to at the Philadelphia Inquirer & Philly.com. We also talked a lot about soccer and quite a bit about soccer ratings, including a ratings project Jonathan’s undertaking to provide a list of the most-watched soccer…


Episode 2: Derek Volner (@DerekVolner), Manager @ESPNPR for College Sports/Ratings Junkie

June 7, 2017

Had a great chat with Derek about his career so far, what a typical week during¬†the college football season looks like for him, things that bug him about how TV ratings are covered and the annual “College Hockey Talk with John Buccigross & Barry Melrose” event Derek has been putting on during the Frozen Four Hockey tournament. As for ratings, the junkies should love it. We go inside the inside…


Episode 1: Bill Gorman, TV by the Numbers co-founder, former @TheCancelBear and current @TVGrimReaper

May 31, 2017

For my first podcast I interview my friend and fellow TVBTN co-founder Bill Gorman about the Renew/Cancel Index for broadcast network scripted shows and his experiences as the Webby Award-winning @TheCancelBear on Twitter and ¬†now as @TVGrimReaper on Twitter. Somewhere in there we spend some time talking about ESPN. After the interview, I take some shots at Clay Travis, Jason Whitlock and Deep Root Analytics for being irresponsible with numbers….


Introducing the “World’s Fastest-Growing Sports Media Podcast with @SportsTVRatings”

May 27, 2017

The first formal one-on-one style podcast will hopefully be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday (May 30 or 31, 2017). Here’s a brief podcast introducing the podcast so I can start figuring out how much pain will be involved getting into Apple Podcasts & Google. If you want to listen on your Amazon Echo you’re probably going to be out of luck, at least if you want to play it via…