What You See Is All There Is: RedZone, NCIS & Big Bang Theory Edition

September 21, 2017

  Our brains play tricks on us and one of them is thinking we ought to be able to extrapolate what is going on around us to mean the same thing is happening everywhere else. Such extrapolations can be folly, but we’re human and do it anyway which results in some people thinking Red Zone must be a huge factor in the declining NFL ratings because “ME AND EVERYONE I…


Off topic: Complacency

September 4, 2017

  I’ve been thinking a lot about my own complacency lately. I’m trying to understand it rather than rationalize it but if I’m honest, so far it’s all rationalizing, no understanding. NFL season is about to start. I know full damn well that people bashing their heads together is bad for their brains. But I’ll skip the set up and get straight to the punchline: Fuck that, the NFL is…


How much bigger is ESPN than FS1? – August 2017 Cable Coverage Estimates

August 2, 2017

Nielsen typically updates its universe estimates in late August/early September for the coming TV season, so I wanted to post the last set of cable coverage estimates under the current estimates. I plan on posting the first set of #s under the new universe estimates in late August or early September. **DO THESE NUMBERS INCLUDE STREAMING SERVICES LIKE SlingTV, Vue and DirecTV Now?** In the past that was a simple…


Off topic: For the love of AirPods

July 23, 2017

AirPods got stolen. Paid the eBay premium to get another pair by Monday. They’re that indispensable. — Ben Thompson (@benthompson) July 21, 2017   Saw the above tweet from Ben Thompson. I had a bad week where I hated pretty much everything in my life besides this podcast with Richard Deitsch and Eric Jackson. And my AirPods! I can’t say I find them as indispensable as Ben Thompson yet, but…


Mailbag: What about Gunsmoke?

June 15, 2017

  I know you’re not posting daily ratings anymore, but any update on how the sports debate shows are doing versus Gunsmoke? Kristin Ann Arbor, Mi I never tracked that religiously and I have a bad memory. And this is a small sample size (“last week”) but to me it looks like the gap is closing. Is Gunsmoke finally starting to lose steam after 60+ years? Or has cable news…


Episode 3: Jonathan Tannenwald, Philadelphia Inquirer/Philly.com – @TheGoalKeeper/@JTannenwald

June 13, 2017

After knowing Jonathan on social media for a couple of years it was a lot of fun to finally get to talk with him. We covered how he got into sports journalism, what he’s up to at the Philadelphia Inquirer & Philly.com. We also talked a lot about soccer and quite a bit about soccer ratings, including a ratings project Jonathan’s undertaking to provide a list of the most-watched soccer…


Mark Cuban: “I’d rather have 16-0” than extra playoff revenue

June 10, 2017

As the game was winding down on Friday night my friend Bill Gorman (@TVGrimReaper on Twitter) and I were texting back and forth about how the rundowns would look on Monday’s sports talk shows. “Golden State won’t lose the mythical $22 million!,” Bill texted me, referring to Darren Rovell’s story on how much money the Warriors stood to lose if they swept the Cavs. I don’t know whether the $22…


On SC6 and giving Jamie Horowitz due credit

May 13, 2017

Why? Picture an editorial cartoon. It’d be a bunch of wine barrels representing different issues ailing ESPN’s SportsCenter franchise. Some of the barrels are in decent shape, SC6 is one of the barrels that actually is in decent shape ratings-wise. But oh man, there’s wine literally gushing out of some of the other barrels! In the cartoon dozens of inspectors are inspecting the SC6 barrel. Nobody is paying any attention to any of the…