Mailbag: Stick with The Ringer’s Bryan Curtis! (ESPN & Politics)

May 25, 2018

This is the only time I can remember disagreeing with @bryancurtis regarding a media criticism. I was fine with the headline/story *because* ESPN execs seemed very consumed by politics for what was at best a fourth- or fifth-tier issue when it comes to the declines. — Sports TV Ratings (@SportsTVRatings) May 24, 2018 No actual particular e-mail here. If only one person had reached out to me I’d ignore…


Gambling on TV

May 14, 2018

As expected the Supreme Court ruled “not a federal deal / it’s up to the states” paving the way for legalized sports gambling in New Jersey and any other states that approve it. Everyone agrees that’s good news for sports TV viewership. How much good news? I’m not sure what the consensus is there, but even If it’s just game wagering, that’s great news for casinos and media that focus…



May 11, 2018

  It’s not even a draft really, it’s just thinking out loud and writing it down. As a finished product I’d either title it “Google Might Be Smart for Losing a Lot of Money on YouTubeTV” or “Why Google and Facebook should scare the fucking shit out of the TV networks.” Right now Apple & Amazon merely scare the shit out of me. That has more to do with the…


Here’s to you Rachel Nichols: high speed audio playback as an accidental mindfulness practice?

    Podcasts my boy, podcasts. And audiobooks. Played back at high speed. Rachel Nichols might not have invented the idea of high speed playback but she evangelizes it more than anyone I’ve encountered so I’m giving her the love in the headline. She deserves it. There’s a very good reason to think about high speed playback of audio and it has nothing to do with mindfulness. Whether for business…

May 8, 2018

How much bigger is ESPN than NBCSN? – May 2018 Cable Coverage Estimates

May 1, 2018

  According to Nielsen as of the May cable universe coverage estimates ESPN is in 2.58 million more homes in the USA than NBC Sports Network. **DO THESE NUMBERS INCLUDE STREAMING SERVICES LIKE SlingTV, Vue and DirecTV Now?** Yes, Nielsen currently counts 2.9 million homes that access exclusively through OTT services like Vue, YouTube TV, etc. In the aggregate those services may have a few more subscribers that aren’t counted…


What should ESPN do with 6PM? Maybe nothing. (Updated)

April 25, 2018

  I give what Jim Miller says a lot of weight and that’s a good strategy. I also have this tea leaf reading thing where if Jim Miller says something and I’m surprised that he said it I immediately jump to the conclusion that whatever he just said is going to happen. Very small sample size but so far the approach does have excellent predictive value. Last Friday when Jim…


Episode 54: Ryan Glasspiegel & Patrick Crakes on the NFL Schedule

April 21, 2018

Ryan Glasspiegel from The Big Lead and first-time guest Patrick Crakes who is a media consultant and former executive at Fox Sports joined the podcast and on the heels of the NFL schedule release it was a lot of fun talking to them. Topics discussed: – NFL Draft & impact of being on the Fox Broadcast network – A look at the 2018 NFL Schedule: are the Monday Night, Thursday…


How much bigger is ESPN than NBCSN? – April 2018 Cable Coverage Estimates

April 2, 2018

To answer the question in the headline: according to Nielsen as of the April cable universe coverage estimates ESPN is in 2.536 million more homes in the USA than NBC Sports Network. Frequent readers of this post will note I had to change my headlining scheme because NBCSN surpassed FS1 in coverage.That was true last month too but I missed it. I apologize, NBC Sports! **DO THESE NUMBERS INCLUDE STREAMING…