CFP Semifinals viewership up but still well below 2 years ago (Updated)


Update: Per ESPN the early game (Peach Bowl) averaged 19.344 million across ESPN & ESPN2, up 23% from last year. The late game Fiesta Bowl averaged 19.236 million, up 3% from last year’s late game.

Did New Years Eve being on a Saturday (vs a Thursday last year) help? Maybe a little but not as much as not having the games on New Year’s Eve will help.

Clemson’s beatdown of Ohio State averaged a 10.0 overnight rating, up 1% versus the  9.9 for last year’s Cotton Bowl that drew a 9.9, but down versus 2014’s Sugar Bowl which earned a 15.3 overnight rating.

Earlier in the day Alabama’s easy win over Washington drew a 10.9 overnight rating, up 12% versus last year’s Orange Bowl that drew a 9.7 but still down 29% from the comparable 2014 season game (Oregon/Florida State Rose Bowl) that drew a 15.5 overnight rating.


CFP Semi 2016 Overnight Bowl/Date 2015 Overnight 2015 Viewership Bowl/Dt 2014 Overnight 2014 Viewership Bowl/Dat
Early Semi 10.9 Peach Washington-Alabama, 12/31/16 9.7 15.64 million Orange Clemson-Oklahoma, 12/31/15 15.3 28.271 million Sugar Ohio St-Alabama, 1/1/15
Late Semi 10.0 Fiesta Ohio St-Clemson, 12/31/16 9.9 18.552 million Cotton Michigan St-Alabama,12/31/15 15.5 28.164 million Rose Oregon-Florida St 1/1/15




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