Cubs-Mets 2015 NLCS game 2 averages 6.6 million viewers


Viewership for the second game of the Cubs-Mets NLCS averaged 6.6 million viewers according to TBS, down 16% from the 7.9 million for game 1. Game 2 peaked with 7.5 million viewers from 9:00-9:15 p.m. ET.

The decline seemed inevitable given the New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts Sunday Night Football contest (and the Mets jumping out to a 3-0 lead pretty quickly probably didn’t help), but these are still very good numbers for TBS.

Viewership was up 94% vs game 2 of 2013’s NLCS on TBS (3.4 million for Cardinals/Dodgers) and up 46% versus last year’s ALCS game 2 (4.3 million for Royals/Orioles).


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