Episode 18: Jay Onrait, TSN “Jay & Dan’s SportsCentre”

August 30, 2017

Jay spoke candidly, and thoughtfully about his time at FS1 and about his return to TSN. Jay also shared his insight on how highlight shows should, look, feel and work in terms of providing an experience for the viewer at home. Topics covered: — I noted how well I perceived Jay and Dan O’Toole handled what was going on at FS1 and asked Jay how he handle it so well…


Episode 17: Rick Cordella, EVP & GM Digital Media, NBC Sports Group

August 25, 2017

  Streaming and over the top service topics are hot right now so it was great to finally chat with Rick Cordella (@RickCordella on Twitter) who heads up NBC’s digital business. Topics covered include: — how NBC’s streaming has evolved over the last 10+ years — General broad discussion of how they make money on streaming, the differences between digital and linear advertising (interesting note here: although streaming of the…


Episode 16: Jimmy Traina, Sports Illustrated

August 23, 2017

This episode is with Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina). We talk: — NFL TV ratings — Is Trump so Trumpy he’ll still weigh on NFL ratings? — Will Kaepernick be on an NFL roster on opening day? — Thoughts on the post-Jamie Horowitz landscape at FS1 — His views on there being so much focus on debate shows that don’t garner that much viewership — Thoughts on his experiences leaving…


Episode 15: Fred Segal, @OldTakesExposed

August 21, 2017

Fred Segal runs the Freezing Cold Takes/@OldTakesExposed Twitter feed which I’ve always been fascinated by. The thing that is really fascinating to me is that most of the people (but, as it turns out, definitely not all of them) with the takes being mocked seem to have as much fun with it as Fred does. A ~30 minute chat about how Fred goes about doing the feed, what the response…


Episode 14: J. A. Adande, Director of Sports Journalism, Medill School of Journalism

August 14, 2017

I really enjoyed chatting with J.A.(@jadande) and appreciated his frankness in discussing his decision to leave ESPN to focus exclusively on his duties at Medill. Topics covered: — Over/under 5 Adande appearances on Around the Horn in 2018? — what role, if any the current journalism & political climate had on his decision — how J.A. uses Twitter (he’s not a fan of anonymous accounts, which I agree with. Unfortunately…


Episode 13: Ryan Glasspiegel, The Big Lead

August 3, 2017

  A fun conversation with The Big Lead’s Ryan Glasspiegel (@SportsRapport on Twitter). It was a pretty freeform covering a wide range of topics including: — Ryan’s work at The Big Lead — Some of the big feature pieces that Ryan has worked on: Dick Schaap Did So Much Work John Madden and Pat Summerall Were Tremendous Thanksgiving Theater George Solomon and the Washington Post Sports Section Have Had Influence…


How much bigger is ESPN than FS1? – August 2017 Cable Coverage Estimates

August 2, 2017

Nielsen typically updates its universe estimates in late August/early September for the coming TV season, so I wanted to post the last set of cable coverage estimates under the current estimates. I plan on posting the first set of #s under the new universe estimates in late August or early September. **DO THESE NUMBERS INCLUDE STREAMING SERVICES LIKE SlingTV, Vue and DirecTV Now?** In the past that was a simple…