What You See Is All There Is: RedZone, NCIS & Big Bang Theory Edition

September 21, 2017

  Our brains play tricks on us and one of them is thinking we ought to be able to extrapolate what is going on around us to mean the same thing is happening everywhere else. Such extrapolations can be folly, but we’re human and do it anyway which results in some people thinking Red Zone must be a huge factor in the declining NFL ratings because “ME AND EVERYONE I…


Episode 23: Molly Solomon, Golf Channel

September 17, 2017

  I had a great time talking to this episode’s guest, Molly Solomon, Executive Producer and Sr. Vice President of production and operations at the Golf Channel. Topics discussed include: — where does Molly stash all of her Emmy Awards? — women in executive positions at sports networks — working at the same place as her husband (Golf Channel Executive Editor Geoff Russell) and having teenage triplets — experience working…


Episode 22: Rachel Nichols, ESPN

September 15, 2017

Note: there’s a brief rant about week 1 NFL ratings at the beginning of this podcast. If you want to go straight to Rachel Nichols, skip to the 3 minute mark. The NBA season is around the corner and I had a lot of fun talking to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols about the NBA and her daily show,The Jump (Monday-Friday at 3 PM ET on ESPN). Topics discussed: — Why I’m…


Episode 21: Peter Schrager, NFL Network & Fox Sports

September 10, 2017

It was great to finally get to talk to Peter Schrager. Note: we taped this on August 28, but I have same old school notions about editorial calendars so I held it back for the first Sunday of NFL season. If anything seems dated already, that’s my fault not Peter’s. Topics discussed: — the hectic fall schedule of someone who works on a 3-hour morning show — NFL Network’s Emmy-nominated…


NFL Kickoff Game Ratings Down Again: How Much was Irma?

September 8, 2017

Reasonable people can agree that Irma had some effect on the overnight ratings for last night’s Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots NFL Kickoff game on NBC. It is kind of interesting to do the basic math with these numbers: NFL Kickoff Overnights: 2017: Chiefs/Pats: 14.6 Irma 2016: Panthers/Broncos: 16.5 2015: Steelers/Pats: 17.7 2014: Packers/Seahawks: 16.8 — Sports TV Ratings (@SportsTVRatings) September 8, 2017 versus these numbers: Cable news…


Episode 20: Scott Van Pelt, ESPN

September 6, 2017

Scott Van Pelt was one of the inspirations for my doing a podcast to begin with so with “Midnight SportsCenter with SVP” just entering its third season it seemed like a great time to chat with Scott. Topics include: — whether Scott actually is and stays wearing a suit and tie 6+ hours before midnight — thoughts on the first two years of the Midnight SC — How Scott would…


Off topic: Complacency

September 4, 2017

  I’ve been thinking a lot about my own complacency lately. I’m trying to understand it rather than rationalize it but if I’m honest, so far it’s all rationalizing, no understanding. NFL season is about to start. I know full damn well that people bashing their heads together is bad for their brains. But I’ll skip the set up and get straight to the punchline: Fuck that, the NFL is…


Episode 19: Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated

September 1, 2017

Always a pleasure to talk to Richard who made his 3rd visit to the podcast. I thought it would be fun to talk about a couple of sports media stories from this week ahead of the long weekend so Richard weighed in on: — CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus’ comments that Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling did have some (small) impact on last season’s lower NFL ratings — The Fox Sports vs…