Daytona 500 TV ratings & viewership 2007-2016


The Daytona 500 has aired exclusively on Fox since 2007. Sunday’s rating and viewership for the 2016 race were the second-lowest for Fox topping only 2014’s race which was hurt by a lengthy rain delay.

Daytona 500 TV ratings and viewership 2007-2016:

Year HH Ratings/Share Viewers (Millions)
2016 6.6/?? 11.4
2015 7.7/?? 13.36
2014 5.6/10 9.3
2013 9.9/22 16.7
2012 8.0/14 13.7
2011 8.7/20 15.6
2010 7.7/16 13.3
2009 9.2/19 16.0
2008 10.2/20 17.8
2007 10.1/20 17.5

The  household rating is the percentage of the all households that were tuned-in. The share is just the percentage of the households that were watching TV at the time.

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  1. Daytona and Atlanta’s ratings suffered because we true old school Nascar fans have given up on it. (I supported Cale till he quit then went to Dale till he died).

    When 15,000th of inch sends Pole Winner to rear of field, WE ARE DONE. Good luck and we look forward to most of the tracks being walking tracks and greenways for little old ladies very soon.

    If you stupids would go back to REAL STOCK OFF THE LOT cars (like lee petty and the other pioneers of Nascar) bought and souped up within in reason the ratings would soar. Why?

    Because we rednecks ( I is one) could go buy one and have bragging rights over our buddies who had another brand, but you would have to dump toyota unless they started making a rear wheel drive V8 available to the public.

    But Like Ron White said, You can’t fix Stupid.

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