Daytona 500 TV ratings & viewership 2007-present (Updated)


The Daytona 500 has aired exclusively on Fox since 2007. Last year’s race was easily the lowest-rated and least-viewed of the bunch, but last year’s race was saddled by a record-long six hour and twenty-two minute rain delay.

With no rain in Sunday’s weather forecast for Daytona, the race should easily bounce up off last year’s ratings and viewership lows. As for how high of a bounce, final ratings and viewership numbers…Update: Thursday February 26: national final household rating/viewership added to the table below.

Daytona 500 TV ratings and viewership 2007-present:

Year HH Ratings/Share Viewers (Millions)
2015 7.7/?? 13.36
2014 5.6/10 9.3
2013 9.9/22 16.7
2012 8.0/14 13.7
2011 8.7/20 15.6
2010 7.7/16 13.3
2009 9.2/19 16.0
2008 10.2/20 17.8
2007 10.1/20 17.5

The  household rating is the percentage of the all households that were tuned-in. The share is just the percentage of the households that were watching TV at the time.

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  1. Also note that 2010 and 2012 had long delays in them and 2012 was run on a Monday in addition to a long delay during the race

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