Delays with daily tables



This note is mostly for those folks who are on the e-mail distribution list for website posts and are wondering where the daily cable sports data has been for the last few days.

Full disclosure: I ran into some issues getting the full data necessary to produce those tables.

I’m trying to get that worked out and I’m 90% confident that things will be 100% caught up by tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, February 14, 2017. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!).

While my confidence is high that I’ll get the few-day backlog caught up quickly, I’m not yet confident there won’t be ongoing chronic, intermittent delays. I’ll see how that goes but wanted to warn you in advance.

For the 9 of you who have grown addicted to the tables, I apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you posted. I’m jonesing, too!


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