Did Desus & Mero beat Undisputed on Monday, March 6, 2017?



Desus & Mero averaged 116,000 viewers on Monday. Undisputed averaged 99,000 viewers on Monday.

Yes, I know that Undisputed airs from 9:30 A.M- noon and that Desus & Mero airs from 11-11:30 P.M.

The thing is, with all the ridiculous but fun comparisons, nobody, including Jamie Horowitz’s boss Eric Shanks expects Undisputed to beat Bubble Guppies & SpongeBob.

But Desus & Mero? On Viceland? A channel for people who don’t watch TV who, unsurprisingly, don’t watch Viceland?!

Viceland whose ratings averages are (usually much) worse than FS1’s?

If I’m Eric Shanks, I unequivocally expect Undisputed to beat that.

Alas, yesterday it did not.

Update: I  should’ve disclaimed the lead-in situation in initial post, hopefully this 30-minute later update rectifies. Undisputed effectively has no lead-in which isn’t the case for D & M. It’s a big deal as far as both show’s viewership numbers.

Even given that, I still think it’s embarrassing for FS1.


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  1. The brand is strong, but I wasn’t expecting it to be *that* strong…

    Although, given the comically low returns that FS1 has gotten for the money they spent in producing Undisputed, it may speak as much to Skip and co. becoming irrelevant by the day as it does to Desus and Mero’s meteoric rise within the last 3 or so years (they were running an X-rated podcast back then — and still are, actually).

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