Dodgers-Cubs NLCS-clinching Game 6 draws record FS1 viewership, but series down 11% from 4 game Mets-Cubs 2015 NLCS


Game 6 of the 2016 Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs NLCS averaged 9.706 million viewers on FS1.  That easily surpassed the previous record for FS1 (Game 2 of the series, which averaged 7.291 million). The game peaked with 12.213 million viewers from 10:30-10:45 PM ET.

While the 9.7 million for game 6 was the most for any LCS game on any network since 2010, it wasn’t enough to boost the overall average for the series past last year’s NLCS.

Overall the series averaged 7.068 million viewers, down 11% from the 4-game Mets-Cubs 2015 NLCS on TBS that averaged 7.902 million.  This year the fourth game went up against a presidential debate that averaged more than 70 million viewers, but having two more games than last year benefited FS1.


NLCS 2015 (TBS) (000) 2016 (FS1) (000)
Game 1  7,891  5,924
Game 2  6,567  7,291
Game 3  9,215  6,494
Game 4*  7,935  5,813
Game 5  7,180
Game 6  9,706
Average  7,902  7,068


*versus presidential debate in 2016


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  1. I caught it on AM radio.

    Full minute or two ahead of the silly people watching on cable though … yea, it would bave been great to SEE it… but no, I am NOT going to pay for silly cable!

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