Episode 10: Ahmed Fareed, Co-Anchor for NBC Sports Bay Area SF Giants Pre/Post-Game Coverage


I had a great time chatting with Ahmed about his new job co-hosting Giants pre and post-game coverage. Topics covered include:

— what it’s like to get such a great gig in a season where the Giants are at or around historically bad levels

— what it’s like working with a great, but large cast of rotating color analysts on the pre/post game shows

— whether the Pacific time zone is a much better time zone to work in than the Eastern time zone if you cover baseball (spoiler: it is a much better time zone to work in)

— the challenges and benefits of the live on-site at the stadium “Say Hey, Tuesday” coverage

— how the S.I. Newhouse School prepared him to be an on-air personality and how Ahmed broke into the business

I really appreciated how open and genuine Ahmed was, particularly when discussing the challenges highlights shows and studio shows face in the modern era, even at regional sports networks as well as Ahmed’s advice on breaking out on various social media platforms (spoiler: keep trying and keep plugging away even when nobody is reading your stuff!).

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