Episode 14: J. A. Adande, Director of Sports Journalism, Medill School of Journalism


I really enjoyed chatting with J.A.(@jadande) and appreciated his frankness in discussing his decision to leave ESPN to focus exclusively on his duties at Medill.

Topics covered:

— Over/under 5 Adande appearances on Around the Horn in 2018?

— what role, if any the current journalism & political climate had on his decision

— how J.A. uses Twitter (he’s not a fan of anonymous accounts, which I agree with. Unfortunately I sidetracked J.A. by noting I started @SportsTVRatings as an anonymous account!

— an overview of the major difference facing those coming out of journalism school now versus when J.A. was coming out

— J.A. is leaving behind a fun gig he was good at, J.A. talked very candidly about why he’s OK leaving it behind

— Prior to the podcast, I’d had some back and forth with J.A. about a comment I’d heard from Dan Patrick about how 10 years after leaving ESPN people still stop him and think he’s still at ESPN. J.A. talks about similar experiences with the Los Angeles Times and whether he’s stopped more for his “Around the Horn” appearances or for his work during NBA games

— I asked J.A. whether the exposure on “Around the Horn” helped him as a journalist. A resounding “yes” and J.A. goes into some details on it

— How the “Adande Lounge” on “Around the Horn” came into existence and why it (mostly) went away

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