Episode 18: Jay Onrait, TSN “Jay & Dan’s SportsCentre”


Jay spoke candidly, and thoughtfully about his time at FS1 and about his return to TSN. Jay also shared his insight on how highlight shows should, look, feel and work in terms of providing an experience for the viewer at home.

Topics covered:

— I noted how well I perceived Jay and Dan O’Toole handled what was going on at FS1 and asked Jay how he handle it so well

— I asked Jay what was going on around the time of his interview on the Dan Patrick show in February 2016?

— I asked Jay when he looks back on FS1 how much of what happened would he chalk up to management versus launching a new show, on a new network that didn’t have a lot of sports rights

— What Jay will miss about Los Angeles

— On being back at TSN and being back in Canada

— Differences between how Canadian and U.S. viewers feel about highlight shows?

— What a typical work day looks like

Jay & Dan’s podcast  (returns on September 7)

You can follow Jay on Twitter via @JayOnrait

We can’t get the TV Show in the U.S. but “Tim Horton’s Jay and Dan’s SportsCentre” premieres on TSN on Monday, September 4.

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