Episode 2: Derek Volner (@DerekVolner), Manager @ESPNPR for College Sports/Ratings Junkie


Had a great chat with Derek about his career so far, what a typical week during the college football season looks like for him, things that bug him about how TV ratings are covered and the annual “College Hockey Talk with John Buccigross & Barry Melrose” event Derek has been putting on during the Frozen Four Hockey tournament.

As for ratings, the junkies should love it. We go inside the inside of the inside of the baseball. From the billions and billions of minutes of college football viewership to how ESPN goes about releasing numbers to the public. And more!

If you’re the kind of person who is regularly looking for soccer ratings and wonders why some networks frequently wait a day or two after the average viewership has been reported to put out press releases (I’m looking at you, Univision!)…if you pay close attention, you’ll get an answer to that question.

Sadly, I’m still not very good at this podcasting thing (on multiple fronts) and completely forgot to ask Derek about his role running the @ESPNPR twitter feed, but you can get an idea of what that’s about by checking out the Twitter feed and you can follow Derek at @DerekVolner

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