Episode 32: Kevin Draper, New York Times



If you’re a subscriber to this podcast odds are good that you’re a sports media enthusiast so you’re probably very familiar with Kevin Draper’s work at Deadspin and now at the New York Times. So it was a real treat for me to finally talk to Kevin and it won’t be the last time — he’s really good talking about the sports media topics.

Apologies in advance: there were a couple of spots around the 21 minute mark where my end of the call was awful and I had to re-record.

Topics discussed include:

— His transition from Deadspin to the New York Times

— Barstool

— Barstool + ESPN

— New contract language in ESPN’s affiliate agreements regarding NFL football

— Kevin’s story on The Athletic 

I meant to ask Kevin about his story on Tony Romo but my brain is old and feeble and forgot. Next time!

You can find Kevin on Twitter on @KevinMDraper 


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