Episode 34: Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated


Always a pleasure to talk to Richard Deitsch who was back on the podcast for the fourth time after a somewhat prolonged absence.

Topics discussed include:

— Podcasting! When it comes to podcasting Richard faces some constraints that Geno Auriemma                doesn’t (Geno was the guest on the latest episode of Richard’s podcast). I was curious about how            that impacts how Richard goes about podcasting. Richard talked about it very candidly and I found it        very interesting.

— Latest on SC6/6PM SportsCenter.

— Mark Cuban’s comments on TV Networks

— NFL Ratings

— Phil Simms and the classy way he’s handled switching from the #1 analyst to the pre-game show

— More singing the praises of Tony Romo…

— …with a side of how Jim Nantz is doing with it thrown in

Deitsch on Twitter (@RichardDeitsch)

Deitsch on Sports Illustrated (https://www.si.com/author/richard-deitsch)

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