Episode 36: College Football Ratings with SBJ’s Austin Karp & D1.Ticker’s Matt Roberts



The person responsible for scheduling thought now would be a good time to check-in on college football ratings and that Sports Business Journal/Sports Business Daily’s Austin Karp & D1.Ticker’s Matt Roberts would be great to have on to talk about it.

It turns out NEXT WEEK would’ve been much better and I’d fire the person responsible for scheduling but unfortunately that’s me.

Austin & Matt were pretty great together though. One out of two ain’t bad? I’ll try to have them back on sometime after the CFP Championship for a true college football ratings extravaganza.

Topics discussed include:

— College football ratings

— Big 10 Network

— Football fatigue

— Gambling & Daily Fantasy

— Exclusive rights to digital player?

— Life as a cord-cutter (Austin)

— Predictions for teams in the CFP Semifinals

You can find Austin on Twitter via @AustinKarp or at http://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/ and you can find Matt via @D1Ticker and you can sign up for the daily D1.Ticker newsletter (it’s free!) at http://d1ticker.com.


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