Episode 38: Kevin Draper, New York Times



Kevin Draper joined the podcast again. I really enjoy listening to Kevin talk sports media.

Topics discussed:

— Disney/Fox, and what it means for ESPN and Fox Sports

— The wrongful termination lawsuit brought against NFL Network that includes sexual harassment complaints against several former and current NFL Network employees

— Should we brace for an avalanche of sexual harassment stories in sports media? (Spoiler: Kevin said yes, and we taped a few hours before this story dropped)

— What to make of worry over NFL ratings after seeing the new Verizon/NFL streaming deal?

— Kevin’s take on Tennessee/Greg Schiano

— On January 1, 2020 will Fox broadcast, FS1 & FS2 still be Fox broadcast, FS1 & FS2 and owned by Fox?

You can find Kevin on Twitter at @kevinmdraper and here’s a link to the archive of his stories at the New York Times.


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