Episode 41: Aaron Barzilai, herhoopstats.com & Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated



There’s a great community of data scientists on the Internet and that’s how I originally came across Aaron Barzilai. Now Aaron has launched herhoopstats.com, a site that aspires to be the Ken Pom of women’s college basketball. Since Richard Deitsch is so knowledgeable about women’s college hoops I asked him to join in.

Topics discussed include:

— the path from advanced degrees in mechanical engineering to data analytics.

— broad overview of herhoopstats.com & @herhoopstats

— who the market for the product is and how the data is used

— thoughts on advanced analytics in general

— some of the challenges of launching and growing herhoopstats.com

Aaron’s personal Twitter is @basketballvalue

Richard Deitsch: Twitter, Sports Illustrated, SI Media Podcast


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