Episode 42: Richard Deitsch, Sports Illustrated with Ad Age’s Anthony Crupi



Richard Deitsch and Anthony Crupi have appeared individually on my podcast more than any other guests so I thought it would be fun to pair them up. It was*.

Topics discussed include:

— Super Bowl ratings?

— discussion about how NFL ratings are covered in general

— Crupi doesn’t necessarily pooh pooh the idea that NFL RedZone could be impacting the early regional windows

—  CFP Championship ratings predictions

— “Larry Culpepper” backlash?

— BTIG’s Rich “The Snitch” Greenfield’s  beef with Crupi.

— Crupi’s love of “Happy Days” and The Fonz

Anthony Crupi: Twitter  AdAge

Richard Deitsch: Twitter, SI, Podcast

*It was as fun as I hoped and as ever Anthony & Richard are great talking on these topics. But the episode was acoustically challenging in spots and my audio engineer is (me) isn’t all that good. Those who love the ambient sounds of New York are in for a treat.


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