Episode 46: Rick Cordella, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media, NBC Sports Group


With NBC televising both the Super Bowl and the Olympics in February, I thought it’s be a good time to catch up with Rick Cordella to talk about NBC Sports’ plans for handling that on the streaming side.

Topics discussed include:

– Balancing the stress of the challenge with the excitement of the challenge (the Super Bowl draws more concurrent viewers than any other streaming and on the Olympics side there will be ~1,800 hours of content to stream)

– Streaming redundancy for the Super Bowl and Olympics

– Streaming all of the Olympics live, including, finally, the Opening Ceremony

– Do the timezone differences present unique challenges?

– New stuff with the streaming content this Olympics

– How things are going with NBC Sports Gold

– Availability of NFL streaming via multiple partners

– Update on Playmaker Media (this is NBC Sports equivalent of BAMTech)

– Some career advice

Rick Cordella’s Bio; Rick Cordella’s Twitter feed

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