Episode 5: Anthony Crupi (@CrupiCrupiCrupi), Advertising Age — Out of Home TV Ratings Measurement



Anthony Crupi has been following the TV biz longer than I have and I’ve enjoyed his consistently great work the whole time I’ve been tracking TV, first when he was at AdWeek and since mid-2014 at Advertising Age.

With news breaking this morning (June 26, 2017) that Fox Sports has joined ESPN in signing up for Nielsen’s Out of Home Measurement service, I wanted to rush this podcast out now because we talked quite a bit about Out of Home Measurement.

So, this rushed edit includes the entire out of home measurement segment along with some chatter about NFL and NBA ratings. As Crupi noted to me this morning (after we’d taped) Fox Sports signing up for out of home measurement is “only a precursor to signing an agency/major client.”

If you love profanity…and Jack Lemon, stick around for the outtake at the very end.

Sometime in the next week or two, I’ll publish a bonus Crupi podcast that includes the story about how he wound up writing about the TV business.


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