Episode 50: Winter Olympics Ratings



No guests for this one. A quick, less than 7-minute podcast discussing the Winter Olympics Ratings from PyeongChang on NBC.

Here are the numbers versus Sochi in 2014 via NBC Sports:


PYC 2018Sochi 2014**PYC 2018Sochi 2014**
DayViewershipViewershipHH RatingHH Rating
Opening Thur.17.2 million20.0 million9.7 rating11.3 rating
First Fri.*28.3 million31.7 million14.9 rating17.0 rating
First Sat.24.2 million25.1 million13.1 rating13.9 rating
First Sun.26.0 million26.3 million14.2 rating14.4 rating
First Mon.22.3 million22.4 million12.7 rating12.8 rating
First Tues.22.6 million23.7 million13.0 rating13.7 rating
First Wed.19.2 million20.8 million11.2 rating12.1 rating
Mid. Thur.19.3 million22.9 million11.4 rating13.4 rating
Mid. Fri.19.2 million19.2 million10.9 rating11.0 rating
Mid. Sat.16.1 million17.1 million9.0 rating9.6 rating
Mid. Sun.18.2 million21.3 million10.2 rating12.1 rating
2nd Mon.18.6 million23.5 million10.9 rating13.8 rating
2nd Tues.20.5 million18.9 million12.1 rating11.2 rating
2nd Wed.16.4 million20.2 million9.7 rating12.2 rating
Final Thur.17.6 million20.3 million10.4 rating12.2 rating
Final Fri.14.0 million14.9 million8.1 rating8.8 rating
Final Sat.13.5 million13.3 million7.7 rating7.8 rating
Final Sun.*14.8 million15.2 million8.4 rating8.7 rating
Average19.8 million21.3 million11.3 rating12.2 rating

*Opening & Closing Ceremonies (no competition & no NBCSN side-by-side coverage)

**NOTE: The 2014 Sochi Olympics had no simultaneous live streaming and no competing primetime Olympic cable coverage. Both of those platforms are included in Total Audience Delivery for the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics.

Here’s a link to NBC’s full release.


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