Episode 54: Ryan Glasspiegel & Patrick Crakes on the NFL Schedule


Ryan Glasspiegel from The Big Lead and first-time guest Patrick Crakes who is a media consultant and former executive at Fox Sports joined the podcast and on the heels of the NFL schedule release it was a lot of fun talking to them.

Topics discussed:

– NFL Draft & impact of being on the Fox Broadcast network

– A look at the 2018 NFL Schedule: are the Monday Night, Thursday Night and Sunday night packages all better? Patrick was great talking about the business models and strategies that led to the Thursday night schedule. We also talk a little bit about ESPN”s relationship with the NFL

– We talked about Ryan and Jason Lisk’s piece on The Big Lead where they ranked the 75 best games of the season (https://thebiglead.com/2018/04/18/ranking-the-75-best-games-of-the-2018-nfl-season/).

We also talked a little UFC, WWE, Get Up! ratings and whether Get Up! will make it to NFL season. Spoiler: we all think it will make it to NFL season though Ryan won’t be surprised if there is some talent turnover by then.

Here’s the piece Ryan mentioned on Get Up! ratings (https://thebiglead.com/2018/04/19/how-much-is-get-up-hurting-first-take-ratings-so-far/)

You can find Ryan on Twitter via @sportsrapport and Patrick via @Aquinas82nd


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