Episode 6: Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) and Austin Karp (@Austin Karp)



A sports media round table of sorts with Sports Business Journal/Sports Business Daily’s John Ourand and Austin Karp.

Topics covered:

– I raved about and plugged SBJ’s “Morning Buzz Podcast” and asked Austin how long that took to put together.

– What kind of feedback SBJ got on its fabulous “Going Gray: Sports TV Viewers Skew Older” story that posted increases to the median ages for various leagues/sports.

– Whether the graying sports TV viewer will impact upcoming rights deals.

– What kind of role companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. will play in upcoming NFL rights.

– NFL TV ratings: what happened last year and predictions for the upcoming season.

– What can people like me do to keep calm when there’s so much questionable reporting on the reasons NFL ratings were down last season.

– NBA ratings: how to reconcile the great TV ratings for the NBA finals with the bigger picture.

– I asked Austin & John for some topics they thought were big stories that might not be getting enough attention (Spoiler: Austin = Golf ratings, John = declining cable coverage i,e, decrease in the # of households receiving TV networks. Also the one whereAustin gets outed as a cord-cutter!

– How they perceive the damage caused to ESPN2 by moving First Take to ESPN (John smacks me around a bit here)

– We talked about MLB being a big deal regionally. Austin and John sing the praises of the Orioles broadcast team of Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer. We talk about the dichotomy between Nationals and Orioles fans and John recaps the TV revenue disagreement the Orioles and Nationals have for the Nationals games on MASN.


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  1. Espn2 has college football and little else. They need European soccer, WNBA and tennis.

    Speaking of ratings, you always talk about the big number, but not the demographics. Basketball is younger than other big leagues, but is poorer. Golf attracts rich fans, and have plenty of big sponsors very happy with it.

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