Episode 71: Jemele Hill


It was great to finally chat with Jemele Hill. We talked about SC6 and navigating becoming the poster children for both ESPN being too political and ESPN laying people off. We also talked SC6 ratings (Jemele has become a pretty good ratings analyst), about how the parting with ESPN really was amicable (Jemele nearly appeared on Around the Horn on her first Monday as an ex-ESPNer!) and about dealing with the vile stuff she gets sent on social media.

We also talked about her new role at The Atlantic and what Jemele’s game plan is now that it’s OK to talk a little politics and we talked some Kaepernick and racial issues.

Jemele’s first piece on The Atlantic: What the Black Men Who Identify With Brett Kavanaugh Are Missing (https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2018/10/why-black-men-relate-brett-kavanaugh/)

Jemele on Twitter: @JemeleHill