Episode 79: Jorge Sedano, ESPN


Last week Jorge appeared on ESPN’s “Around the Horn” and a friend reached out with “Keep your eye on that guy, he’s an up and comer!” and I thought “He has a drive time radio show in the country’s 2nd-biggest market. He’s already here!” I was really curious about how Jorge experiences that phenomenon and I appreciate him humoring my curiosity (it’s very interesting to me!). We also discussed the ever-changing media landscape at some length and his reaction to all the changes over the past decade.

The Los Angeles market is “transient but strangely parochial” and we talked about the LA sports hierarchy. And we talked about Jorge’s various TV gigs (including guest-hosting on “The Jump” and doing around 20 NBA games as a sideline reporter).

I couldn’t get Jorge to say Erik Rydholm is an evil man (on or off the record) but he did get into some of the chicanery the cast & crew of “Highly Questionable” get up to when it comes to humiliating guests via the Papi handshake fake out.

The story of Jorge’s route from Miami to Los Angeles is very interesting (as was his time at 790 the Ticket w/Le Batard, Stugotz, Boog Sciambi) but we didn’t talk much about it. If you’re looking for that, Ryan Glasspiegel did a great podcast with Jorge on that last summer.

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