Episode 83: Burke Magnus, ESPN


A pleasure to have ESPN EVP of Programming & Scheduling Burke Magnus back on the podcast. Topics discussed include: will the launch of ACCN mean fewer ACC games on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News and ESPNU, the demands of Burke’s job, NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s comments about the NBA games being a TV show, what matters most in NBA finals (more games, not who’s playing), how the rise of OTT services (not just ESPN+) have changed the content acquisition landscape and how we’re still a ways off from seeing a full ESPN OTT offering. We conclude with my encouraging Burke to solve the empty seat situation on TV with CGI (Burke pushed back and imagined all the exploding heads in the media if they did it) and a Fox-friendly World Series prediction. Stay through the goodbyes for Burke’s true feelings on baby-fying the ESPN studio shows.

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