Gambling on TV


As expected the Supreme Court ruled “not a federal deal / it’s up to the states” paving the way for legalized sports gambling in New Jersey and any other states that approve it.

Everyone agrees that’s good news for sports TV viewership. How much good news? I’m not sure what the consensus is there, but even If it’s just game wagering, that’s great news for casinos and media that focus on gambling.

That alone should be worth a decent incremental boost but I’m not sure it changes the gambling landscape dramatically or leads to any noticeable increase in sports TV ratings.

But what about the prop bets?

We’re still somewhere between very, very far off  and never from a world where I can wager on whether Chris Paul will punch someone in the testicles should Rockets/Warriors get to at least a 6 game series. But if I use that as the “anything goes!” extreme, it’s not hard to imagine both the gambling hauls and TV viewership (and not just for the games) changing dramatically to the upside.

That “anything goes” scenario has the potential to disrupt the entire media landscape. I’m not saying I’m rooting for that kind of anarchy but I’m not sure yet if I’m rooting against it either.

Maybe it resembles an episode of “Black Mirror” a little too much for some of you but I (and maybe I alone) would watch the episode of “Black Mirror” where people get to wager on how many times Richard Deitsch will promote his podcast on Twitter.

Maybe I’m not giving standard game wagering enough credit. Time will tell. For now it’s how far they’ll go with the prop bets and how quickly they do it that interests me.

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