In Los Angeles NHL ratings rise as NBA ratings fall


The LA Times reports that household ratings for NHL are up in Los Angeles. In the Los Angeles market ratings for the Kings are up 46% compared to the same period last year and the Anaheim, who are doing well are up 56% versus last year. But don’t fist-bump your NHL-loving buddies just yet. Those increases result in some very paltry household ratings. A .51 rating for the Kings and an even more anemic (but better than last year!) .28 household rating for the Ducks.

Not surprisingly, NBA ratings are doing much better than NHL ratings in Los Angeles, but they are down from last year.

The Lakers have averaged a 2.25 household rating in Los Angeles through the first 20 games, down 28% from the 3.14 rating from the beginning of last season and a 54% drop from 2012-13 season where the average rating was a 4.63. The Clippers have averaged a 1.24 household rating locally, down from last year’s 1.47 rating.  Some good news for the Clippers, with adults 18-34, ratings are up 41% versus last year.The LA Times considers that growth staggering, but that seems pretty silly to us.

Huge percentage gains off of tiny numbers are not a big surprise and certainly not staggering. If two people visit this web page today, and 3 people visit it tomorrow, that’s 50% growth. Woo hoo!

We do agree with the LA Times that the Clippers drop is a bit more mysterious given the Clippers are winning and at a better clip than last year.


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