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“My truth” is a baseball bat and I’m in the habit of clubbing people over the head with it. As you might’ve guessed, that’s not a particularly good delivery system for sending messages. Understandably, people are usually way too distracted by the “ouch! stop hitting me on the head with a baseball bat!” to even consider the message.


My challenge is two-fold:

1. come up with a better messaging delivery system
2. actually accept the challenge to come up with a better messaging delivery system

If that sounds like only one challenge I understand, but my personal experience is that if I don’t have a plan of attack on both fronts the result is usually a whole lot of nothing.

On top of giving up Twitter, this coming January-March I plan to scale the audiobooks & podcasts consumption way back and focus on writing the screenplay for the pilot episode of a premium cable-esque dramatic series.

I’ve narrowed it down to “Junk Science Charlatans” and “Spiteful Bullies.” For several reasons including “write what you know” I’m leaning toward the spiteful bullies.

I don’t expect to write a screenplay that anyone is going to read or ultimately make into a TV show. But I figure I might have 10-15 years of good productivity left in me and productivity-wise I can’t think of a better thing to focus on than being a better communicator.

Can I take the baseball bat of “my truth” and turn it into something entertaining where people don’t feel like they’re getting clubbed over the head? I have to at least try.

What does this mean for the @SportsTVRatings Twitter feed?

It means I don’t plan to be back on Twitter before April. Sometimes plans go awry but unless there are exceptional circumstances (~Bob Iger fires Jimmy Pitaro and installs me as the head of ESPN), if you see me tweeting please mock me relentlessly!

What does this mean for the “World’s Fastest-Growing Sports Media Podcast with @SportsTVRatings?”

Slower growth! Beyond that I don’t know.

While I was on Twitter and actively promoting my podcast and the guests’ works I was pretty comfortable asking people to do my podcast.

In absence of the Twitter promotion I’m very uncomfortable asking people to do the podcast. The challenge is simple: get over that! But I’m not sure I’m up for accepting that challenge. There are some folks like Jim Miller and Pat Crakes (both great sports business/media-related guests!) who’ve made it clear they’re up for the podcast whether I’m on Twitter or not, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck. I’ll need it.


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  1. Recently came across your podcast after starting Origins and absolutely love it! And your refreshing take. If you’re off twitter for now, what’s the best way to communicate? Would appreciate having a chance to start conversation and ask a few questions about the interviewer himself (aka you).

    Happy New Year!

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