Junk Science Charlatans



“My truth” is a baseball bat and I’m in the habit of clubbing people over the head with it. As you might’ve guessed, that’s not a particularly good delivery system for sending messages. Understandably, people are usually way too distracted by the “ouch! stop hitting me on the head with a baseball bat!” to even consider the message.


My challenge is two-fold:

1. come up with a better messaging delivery system
2. actually accept the challenge to come up with a better messaging delivery system

If that sounds like only one challenge I understand, but my personal experience is that if I don’t have a plan of attack on both fronts the result is usually a whole lot of nothing.

On top of giving up Twitter, this coming January-March I plan to scale the audiobooks & podcasts consumption way back and focus on writing the screenplay for the pilot episode of a premium cable-esque dramatic series.

I’ve narrowed it down to “Junk Science Charlatans” and “Spiteful Bullies.” For several reasons including “write what you know” I’m leaning toward the spiteful bullies.

I don’t expect to write a screenplay that anyone is going to read or ultimately make into a TV show. But I figure I might have 10-15 years of good productivity left in me and productivity-wise I can’t think of a better thing to focus on than being a better communicator.

Can I take the baseball bat of “my truth” and turn it into something entertaining where people don’t feel like they’re getting clubbed over the head? I have to at least try.

What does this mean for the @SportsTVRatings Twitter feed?

It means I don’t plan to be back on Twitter before April. Sometimes plans go awry but unless there are exceptional circumstances (~Bob Iger fires Jimmy Pitaro and installs me as the head of ESPN), if you see me tweeting please mock me relentlessly!

What does this mean for the “World’s Fastest-Growing Sports Media Podcast with @SportsTVRatings?”

Slower growth! Beyond that I don’t know.

While I was on Twitter and actively promoting my podcast and the guests’ works I was pretty comfortable asking people to do my podcast.

In absence of the Twitter promotion I’m very uncomfortable asking people to do the podcast. The challenge is simple: get over that! But I’m not sure I’m up for accepting that challenge. There are some folks like Jim Miller and Pat Crakes (both great sports business/media-related guests!) who’ve made it clear they’re up for the podcast whether I’m on Twitter or not, so we’ll see.

Wish me luck. I’ll need it.


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