LeBron James thinks like an owner, not a salaried employee


LeBron James’ comments on Tuesday about KD going to the Warriors mostly focused on LeBron thinking it was great for the league and “Look at the ratings!”  I’m not complaining about that focus!

But as an off topic aside: the thing that really got my attention is that LeBron already thinks like an owner and not a salaried employee.

Some of you will think “big deal!” and if you think that you’ve probably never owned any kind of a business (small, big or otherwise) and tried to get a salaried employee to think like an owner with an ownership stake. That isn’t easy because most salaried employees don’t, won’t and can’t think like owners..

“Big deal!” you protest, “His salary is a squinty-jillion dollars! Of course he thinks like an owner!” Nope.  Observationally, high salaries make it even harder for people to think like an owner with an ownership stake. Look around at all the rich knuckleheads in sports.

“Big deal!” you protest yet again, “He *IS* a business owner for things outside of the NBA and is the CEO of the LeBron James brand!”

He is a business owner and he does operate like the CEO of the LeBron James brand, but observationally (and to be honest, personally) grabbing the reins of that particular CEO job is harder for most people than thinking like an owner when you’re a salaried employee.

LeBron is leading by example.

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