Bengals-Colts averages 28.3 million viewers


Update: the Bengals-Colts game averaged 28.3 million viewers, well behind the 42.3 million for Lions/Cowboys but ahead of both Saturday contests (Ravens/Steelers = 28 million, Cardinals/Panthers = 21.7 million).

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Lions vs. Cowboys = huge overnight ratings + Bengals vs. Colts

The late afternoon Sunday wild-card weekend round matchup where the Dallas Cowboys beat the Detroit Lions drew a 25.0 overnight household rating (on average 25% of the TV households in the U.S. were watching the game according to Nielsen) for Fox.

The Cowboys are always draw big numbers for non-blowouts and as far as the wild card weekend round goes, that trails only last year’s 49ers vs Packers which drew a 27.7.  By comparison the recent Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl college football playoff semifinals drew a 15.5 and 15.3 overnight household rating respectively.

The earlier afternoon Sunday game on CBS where the Indianapolis Colts beat the Cincinnati Bengals drew a 17.9 overnight household rating.

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