Mailbag: Why target Fox Sports’ nonsense instead of ESPN’s?


Scott from Phoenix writes: I’m not political. I watch both Fox Sports & ESPN programming. Focusing on Fox Sports in this example doesn’t make sense. ESPN isn’t innocent when it comes to ginning up divisive nonsense. Why pick on Fox exclusively?

Scott asks a reasonable question. I’m not nearly as sure my answer is reasonable. But just like I have it in me to grab a pair of binoculars at 4AM and stare with wonder at the Hyades and Pleiades star clusters, I have it in me to stare with wonder at some of this stuff too. That’s just me being me.

Enablers. Guilty enablers. Guilty enablers in denial about their guilt at enabling Rupert Murdoch to enable Donald Trump to enable racist white supremacists.

I don’t run into ESPNers or ex-ESPNers who fit that bill. But Fox and Fox Sports? Oh yes, I run into that all the time. There are a lot of former Fox and Fox Sports executives who are still, sadly, in denial about their guilt over enabling.

I can handle the enabling. I can especially handle the guilt over enabling. But denial about being guilty about enabling? That denial produces nothing but anger and despair.

There are people who still work at Fox Sports who I like. They’re enabling Rupert and Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock. There’s nothing I can do to prevent that. I just want to make sure they’re very conscious about what they’re enabling in the hopes they never suffer through the anger and despair of their former compatriots.



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