‘Men In Blazers’ 2014 NBCSN Viewership


Showing some love to the nearly unwatched.

We should give credit to NBCSN for putting Men In Blazers on the air, if only to sacrifice it at the altar of ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football.” On the plus side, it’s pretty clear on NBCSN wasn’t worried about the show’s ratings.

But we should also deduct points from NBCSN for not figuring out how to get the show more exposure on a Saturday or Sunday in the fall after one of the Premier League Arsenal matches that drew between 800K to 1.4M viewers on NBCSN.

Men In Blazers NBCSN 2014 Viewership through December 22, 2014:

DateShowNetDayTimeViewers (000)
9/22/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P24
9/22/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon02:30A-03:00A12
9/22/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A12
9/27/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A40
9/29/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P42
9/29/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A38
9/29/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon02:30A-03:00A22
10/4/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat08:30A-09:00A93
10/6/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A60
10/6/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P25
10/20/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P59
10/20/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A24
10/25/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A30
10/27/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A99
10/27/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P60
11/1/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat07:30A-08:00A65
11/3/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P49
11/3/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A25
11/8/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A30
11/10/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon01:00A-01:30A128
11/10/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P95
11/24/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:02P-10:32P61
11/24/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A12
11/29/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A29
12/1/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A143
12/1/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P23
12/2/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSTue01:30P-02:00P40
12/6/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A40
12/8/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A88
12/8/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P69
12/13/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat08:30A-09:00A93
12/15/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P73
12/15/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A14
12/20/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSSat06:30A-07:00A20
12/22/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon12:00A-12:30A48
12/22/14MEN IN BLAZERSNBCSMon10:00P-10:30P46

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