New Orleans on top in NFL local market rankings for the week of October 19-25, 2015


With the Packers in a bye week, Milwaukee took a week off from this list and  New Orleans topped the NFL’s local market ratings for Sunday’s Saints-Colts game  with a 46.6 household rating.

The streamed Bills-Jags game still aired on TV locally in Buffalo and Jacksonville and Buffalo ranked as 4th-best local market rating for the week for that game. Jacksonville ranked 14th.

46.6 % of the Mew Orleans  market is around 295,000 homes. Here’s a list ranking the number of homes in each Nielsen market.

via the NFL (note the table only lists NFL markets where an NFL game was the #1 telecast for the week, if your local team played a game that week and isn’t in the list it means that locally something else out-rated the game):


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