NFL Conference Championships Overnight TV Ratings 2006-2016


Update 2: Overnight ratings for the 2016 conference championships have been added to the table below.

The overnight ratings measure the percentage of households tuned-in in the largest 56 Nielsen markets out of 210 total markets. The biggest 56 markets represent about 70% of the U.S. population. For a list of all 210 markets ranked by number of TV households for the current TV season, click here.

The overnight ratings will be the first numbers available Monday morning and are a good  indication of how the games performed versus previous years. By the time the national ratings for all 210 markets are available (usually late afternoon that same day) so are the viewership numbers. At that point, like many people I just shift my attention to the viewership numbers. I’ll try to dig past viewership numbers up and post them before this year’s viewership numbers are released. Update: I’ve posted the viewership numbers here.

 NFL Conference Championships Overnight TV Ratings 2006-2016:

Year Early Game Network Rating Late Game Network Rating
2016 Patriots-Broncos CBS 31.8 Cardinals-Panthers Fox 26.8
2015 Seahawks-Packers Fox 29.1 Patriots-Colts CBS 24.2
2014 Broncos-Patriots CBS 29.5 Seahawks-49ers Fox 31.0
2013 49ers-Falcons Fox 26.1 Ravens-Patriots CBS 27.9
2012 Patriots-Ravens CBS 29.1 Giants-49ers Fox 33.4
2011 Packers-Bears Fox 30.0 Steelers-Jets CBS 31.3
2010 Colts-Jets CBS 28.4 Saints-Vikings Fox 33.3
2009 Cardinals-Eagles Fox 24.0 Steelers-Ravens CBS 23.8
2008 Chargers-Patriots CBS 27.4 Giants-Packers Fox 31.7
2007 Saints-Bears Fox 26.2 Patriots-Colts CBS 28.1
2006 Steelers-Broncos CBS 24.6 Panthers-Seahawks Fox 22.1

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