NFL Conference Championships TV Viewership 2006-2016


Update: 2016 viewership numbers added to table below.

Yesterday I posted the overnight TV ratings (the first information available) for the same period, but here is the game viewership for the conference championship games from 2006-2015.

Of note, only two of the three most-watched conference championship games ever are in that time period: 2010’s Saints-Vikings overtime game which is the second most-watch of all time and 2012’s Giants-49ers game, which was the third most-watched of all time.

The most-watched of all time? Two words: “The Catch.” You have to go all the way back to 1982’s Cowboys-49ers NFC Championship that averaged 68.7 million viewers — nearly an 11 million viewer advantage over the Saints-Vikings game.  Even with great games and lots of snow on the ground back east, it’s hard to imagine either of today’s game’s topping the 1982 classic. Also of note: the conference championship games in 1982 were played on January 10, a full two weeks earlier than this year’s games.

NFL Conference Championships TV Viewership 2006-2016:

Year Early Game Network Viewers (Millions) Late Game Network Viewers (Millions)
2016 Patriots-Broncos CBS 53.3 Cardinals-Panthers Fox 45.7
2015 Seahawks-Packers Fox 49.8 Patriots-Colts CBS 42.1
2014 Broncos-Patriots CBS 51.3 Seahawks-49ers Fox 55.9
2013 49ers-Falcons Fox 42.0 Ravens-Patriots CBS 47.7
2012 Patriots-Ravens CBS 48.7 Giants-49ers Fox 57.6
2011 Packers-Bears Fox 51.9 Steelers-Jets CBS 54.9
2010 Colts-Jets CBS 46.9 Saints-Vikings Fox 57.9
2009 Cardinals-Eagles Fox 38.4 Steelers-Ravens CBS 40.6
2008 Chargers-Patriots CBS 44.8 Giants-Packers Fox 53.9
2007 Saints-Bears Fox 43.3 Patriots-Colts CBS 46.7
2006 Steelers-Broncos CBS 39.0 Panthers-Seahawks Fox 35.2

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